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Steve Harris - Pine Needle Distributor
Denton, NC 27239
Phone:      336-859-2460
Cell:           336-953-0164
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Pine Needles
 The Final Touch for your Landscaping.
  • Pine needles buffer against extreme temperatures.
  • Pine needle mulch preserves soil moisture while protecting against erosion
  • Pine needles enhances creation and appreciation of beauty of any landscape with its rich bronze color.
  • Pine needles outlast other mulches because of resin content.
  • Pine needle mulch has a greater coverage per dollar than alternative mulches.
Where to Use Pine Needles.
Natural Areas - Flower Beds - Steep Banks - Pathways / Walkways - Commercial / Home Landscapes
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Fall is the time for Pluggin & Seeding your yard for Spring!

Spring Starts in the Fall
Leaves are dropping. Cool weather is in the forecast. And you are worrying about spring . . . Now?

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